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Hatan For Medical Appliances

HATAN MEDICAL Company is one of the specialized private companies in Iraq. Our job fields are lab. Diagnostics, equipment and medical appliances & Ophthalmic Dept.
HATAN MEDICAL Established to be able cover all over Iraq not only Kurdistan Region because our business expanded to be able cover all over Iraq through our three offices in Baghdad , Basra & Najaf cities.
Because INTERMED Company cover only Kurdistan region so we decide to open a new medical company covering all over Iraq & give our sales Dept. More flexibility to support our business all over Iraq.
HATAN MEDICAL Company including all our medical companies & medical Scientific Bureaus

Therefore Hatan   has a branch at Lebanon   as a step forward a wide international cooperation.
Called International Medical Group (IMG) is an off shore company based in Lebanon with offices in the heart of the commercial centre of Beirut at Badaro Area.